We appreciate the increasing rate of visits to our website, quite a few coming from abroad too. This encourages us to remodel and expand this MINI MARKET section so as to be able to inform about more offers to modellers and amateurs who wish to buy or sell locomotives, wagons and other materials as workshop machines, tools, etc, and (whenever posible) try be of help for those who simply seek for information or want to order or offer mechanical works.

This section will also be quite interesting to increase and improve the limited opportunities that our reduced national market in Spain can offer.

Although language could arise sometimes as a problem, the use of online translators can help, even though their translations are not as accurate as would be desirable, but if required the CFVM can make it for a better clarity.

Written ads can be sent by Email to the below indicated address, or also automatically through the Foxyform window at the bottom of this page.

Those ones containing pictures or drawings (maximum 6), can only be sent via Email, and the photographs should be of a certain quality in order to appreciate better the details. The CFVM may act as an intermediary whether the advertiser prefers not showing any personal data or address, otherwise messages must show the information contact chosen by the advertiser for a direct link between the interested parties without any other subsequent management from our part.

This service is offered absolutely free and with total confidentiality.

The manager of this WEB reserves the right to review and abbreviate the messages, or not publishing those that do not deal with the indicated subjects, as well as reducing the size of the photos to adapt them to the tolerances of the database.

All ads will be displayed until the advertiser indicates that the transaction has been completed. In all cases they will be cancelled after a reasonable period of time unless a longer publication term is requested.

The basket icon below gives entrance to our section of new and second hand buy & sell affairs.

The world icon opens information on several foreign manufacturers, as well as other directories and pages with offers from various sources. So if any company, stockist or similar is interested in being advertised on this information page, please contact us and we will create a link to their websites or blogs, thankyou.


  • For ads containing photos (only vía Email) = pentecontera@gmail.com

  • For text-only ads: Both via Email or Whatsapp to 609603113.


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